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Why Should You Join IAWA?

The Illinois Association of Wastewater Agencies (IAWA) is the voice of wastewater agencies in the State of Illinois.

IAWA is where the action is! Every member actively participates through the forum provided by our Association. Your voice is heard! Collectively we take action on issues of mutual interest and concern, and our record has been both productive and successful.

Over the last 30 years, our Association has positively impacted the Legislature, rule-making, and enforcement agencies, to the point that our Association is asked to provide them information and participate with them on issues of mutual interest to the wastewater industries.

If you are not a member of IAWA, you are missing the opportunity to learn and contribute to your field.


Member Services

Technical: Standing committees and subcommittees on top of the regulatory programs, technical, labor-relations, and management issues.

Data Exchange: Topical surveys to provide timely information needed by member agencies, e.g. annual salary, benefits, user rates, and insurance.

Educational: Management seminars, speakers, workshops, and training sessions.

Agency Monitoring: Quarterly reports on IPCB activities. IAWA members strategically placed on various State Boards affecting our industry.

Legislative: Association retained consultants assisting the membership in promoting IAWA sponsored bills, and opposing bills not in the best interest of our industry.

Legal: Provides advice and counseling to the Association through a legal firm retained by IAWA.



Annual Conference and Business Meeting
Annual Mini-Conference
Bi-monthly Technical Committee Meetings



IAWA provides for the recognition of individuals and organizations for achievements and contributions to the wastewater industry, and protection of the environment.



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Dues Schedule

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How to Join

There are two classifications of members: Agency Members and Affiliate Members.

Agency Members: Any public agency in the State of Illinois responsible for the collection and/or treatment of wastewater. Agency members have voting privileges. Dues fees are based on population served.

Affiliate Members: Any individual, because of professional and/or personal interests, desiring to be affiliated with the Association.

Agency Membership Application

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